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Most Readily Useful Multi-Room Speakers 2019

Most Readily Useful Multi-Room Speakers 2019

Shopping for the very best multi-room speakersϑ We’ve narrowed it down seriously to eight great multi-room alternatives for every particular household and budget

Sonos is not any longer the actual only real audio giant on a mission to take over home one area at a time. Bose, Naim, Samsung also several lesser-known brands are applying their particular multi-room chops, and the larger option means a multi-room system is much more inexpensive than ever before.

There’s much more mobility with setup today also. None of multi-room systems included require a hub; you merely down load an app in order to connect the speakers to your house system – some may even stream via Bluetooth also.

Best Multi-Room Speakers

1. Sonos

An excellent multi-room set-up that boasts vocals control


  • Big songs online streaming solution support
  • Alexa functionality
  • Play: 5 and Enjoy: 3 speakers can play stereo
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks support for hi-res sound

Sonos offers a fantastic number of speaker choices. There’s even an Alexa-toting smart speaker in the Sonos One.

Sonos speakers are really easy to setup and hook up to your home network quickly. If you have a weak Wi-Fi sign, you can connect speakers straight into your router via an ethernet cable, or alternatively, grab the Sonos Increase.

You can elect to operate music from your computer, however the best source of control may be the Sonos application. Designed for both Android os and iOS, its clean, fresh interface and universal search purpose makes it super-easy to get your songs.

With a comprehensive quantity of apps and progressively more compatible speakers, Sonos is amongst the most readily useful multi-room setups to buy, plus it’s nonetheless inexpensive – despite a slight post-Brexit price enhance.

Rates: Play: 1 (£149), Play: 3 (£299), Play: 5 (£499), Playbar (£699), Playbase (£699), Sub (£699), Connect: Amp (£499), Connect (£349), Boost (£99), One (£199), Beam (£399)
Best Multi-Room Speakers

2. Naim

Among best-sounding multi-room systems


  • Premium noise and design
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Naim Uniti services and products may be used as network machines


  • Expensive

Naim is one of the most respected hi-fi brands. With regards to launched the Mu-So cordless speaker, that felt a striking but brilliant step into the way of life market. Then arrived small, less expensive Mu-So Qb and multi-room help via the exceptional Naim software, and everything dropped into destination.

Recently Naim has bridged the gap between those two exceptional speakers and its old-fashioned hi-fi items by exposing the Uniti range. It features the nice Uniti Atom, a compact amp with multi-room smarts plus the ability to be properly used as a server within a Naim system – plug a music-filled USB stick engrossed, or link a Uniti Core hard drive, additionally the files may be streamed towards various other Mu-So or Uniti products.

The Naim system certainly isn’t cheap, but it’s in addition the best-sounding multi-room option that nevertheless provides ease of setup and operation. Also it looks amazing.

Costs: Mu-So Qb (£649), Mu-So (£895), Uniti Atom (£1999), Uniti Celebrity (£3499), Uniti Nova (£4199)

Best Multi-Room Speakers

3. Ruark

Elegant and great-sounding speakers


  • Gorgeous design
  • Gorgeous sound
  • Feedback versatility


  • Sluggish software
  • R7 Mk3 is high priced

Ruark features a habit of creating appealing, retro-styled speakers and radios – and making them sound great. Recently, Ruark has brought its choices in to the world of wireless multiroom sound with the MRx, R2 Mk3 and R7 Mk3.

The MRx had been our favourite house sound product of 2018 – it’s an excellent cordless online streaming presenter with numerous resources: Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Deezer, Tidal, 3.5mm analogue, USB for hard disk drives and DLNA for network-stored music. You are able to stereo-pair it and it can also be employed vertically in mono mode, rendering it a hugely flexible creature.

The R2 Mk3 is more of a bedside or cooking area radio fit and function. The R7 Mk3 makes outstanding living room declaration piece as it’s fashioned like a classic radiogram. Both may also be Wi-Fi linked. All three could be managed because of the Ruark Link app, that isn’t as smooth as Sonos, but smooth enough.

Costs: Ruark MRx (£399), Ruark R2 Mk3 (£419), Ruark R7 Mk3 (£2299)

Best Multi-Room Speakers

4. Marshall

Appealing searching speakers with a large sound


  • Retro styling
  • Flexible connection
  • Decent noise


  • Sonos sounds better
  • Costly

The Marshall multi-room system will appeal to those that take pleasure in the retro styling of Marshall’s inimitable amps, with a whole host of flexible connectivity and good audio quality to back it.

It’s composed of three speakers that type of correspond to the Sonos means of doing things – the tiny Acton, the mid-size Stanmore and bigger Woburn.

Marshall utilizes Bing Home to throw music direct from streaming applications by themselves, with Bluetooth connectivity to pay for those incapable of (like Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music). There’s in addition 3.5mm aux in contacts for hardwiring products.

It’s only problem is it’s higher priced versus arguably better-sounding Sonos system.

Costs: Acton (£249), Stanmore (£349), Woburn (£479)

Best Multi-Room Speakers

5. Samsung R-Series

Simple to make use of with hi-res assistance besides


  • 360-degree speakers
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality
  • Touch controls
  • Hi-res sound help


  • Sound does not have finesse

Samsung’s multi-room replacement for Sonos is wide-ranging and flexible, if not exactly cohesive regarding design.

The R1, R3 and R5 take on a far more conventional cylindrical form, as the R6 and R7 have a far more futuristic orb design to produce 360-degree punch.

The entire system is managed through the Samsung Multiroom software, in addition to online streaming magic happens over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Spotify, Deezer, Napster additionally the usual fare of apps tend to be supported.

It’s easy having your fleet of Samsung multi-room speakers singing in equilibrium through your residence. As the R-Series continues to be offered, the newer VL Series may pique your interest.

Prices: R1 (£149), R3 (£249), R5 (£249), R6 (£249), R7 (£299)

Best Multi-Room Speakers

6. Riva Wand Series

Big sound from an underrated presenter brand


  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Bing Home assistance
  • Quick and simple set-up
  • Varied function set


  • Arena manages to lose composure at greater amounts

Riva isn’t as popular along with a design that apes Sonos, it might be simple to dismiss them as an also-ran. Not merely would that be short-sighted, it’d also be drastically wrong.

Riva’s two-strong multi-room family members offers a good choice both for smaller or bigger rooms, plus in both instances, offers Sonos a great run for its money in the noise division too.

The device primarily deals with Google Residence, and setup is simple and quick through the Bing Residence application. Afterward you cast your music to your speakers right from the online streaming applications, including Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play and Qobuz.

Unsupported services like Amazon Music and Apple Music can be played via Bluetooth, and there are additionally hardwired connections, including aux-in on both, and optical in the larger Riva Festival.

Prices: Riva Festival (£279), Riva Arena (£199)

Best Multi-Room Speakers

7. Bose SoundTouch

Decent features and performance succeed worth an appearance


  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality
  • OLED displays from the SoundTouch 20 and 30
  • Alexa vocals control help


  • Design is a bit bland

Maybe best known because of its noise-cancelling headsets, Bose features delivered a high-performing number of multi-room speakers with its SoundTouch range. The device offers multi-room sound online streaming via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth playback from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

You will find three speaker designs in SoundTouch family, in addition to free SoundTouch application can be obtained on both Android and iOS devices for remote-control around the house.

One neat little feature is numerous six preset buttons for each presenter when you look at the range, allowing you to leap right to your favourite net r / c or playlists with an individual press. You can easily quickly arranged and alter your favourite go-to channels making use of the application.

Rates: SoundTouch 10 (£169.95), SoundTouch 20 (£279.95), Soundtouch 30 (£499.95), SoundTouch SA-5 amp (£369.95)

Best Multi-Room Speakers

8. Jam Smart Noise

Multi-room sound on a tight budget


  • Inexpensive
  • Spotify, Tidal, Tunein help
  • Better suited for tiny areas
  • Enjoyable noise


  • Less variety than more costly efforts
  • Not the absolute most trendy looking

The Jam Smart Sound multi-room system features two speakers for round-the-house fun: Jam Rhythm and Jam Symphony. The mid-sized Rhythm is much better suitable for kitchen areas, rooms and offices, while the Symphony brings booming bass to bigger rooms for double the cost.

While Jam’s supplying features less variety than a few of the huge multi-room households within round-up, it comes down aided by the perk of being more inexpensive.

Control is via Jam’s application, readily available for both iOS and Android, and there’s additionally an intercom feature in the event you need certainly to announce residence time for you your celebration guests using your multi-room setup, Big Brother-style.

Prices: Jam Rhythm (£42), Jam Symphony (£49)

How to buy the best multi-room system

All of the multi-room speakers within round-up tend to be Android and iOS compatible, but it’s vital that you make sure the system you decide on can stream this content you prefer. Some speakers will joyfully flow from any songs application you love, while some tend to be limited to the kind of Spotify, Deezer and Tidal.

The beauty of a multi-room system is that you can develop upon it over time. When your desire Sonos paradise is stifled by your budget, you can purchase just a few speakers to start with after which add more later on.

If you’re also impatient to wait, you might like to consider some of the cheaper setups on the market. The Jam Smart Sound multi-room system was already inexpensive versus its competitors and has now dropped further in expense to the stage where you could start building a multi-room system because of the Jam Rhythm presenter at under £50. You could add the Jam Symphony for only £50 even more if you like some room-shaking bass.

Obviously, it’s never going to be low priced taking the audio cavalry into the residence, but there’s a method right here for everyone.

Instead, head to our most useful Bluetooth Speakers guide in the event that you’re after that one winning speaker.

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