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Hive View Exterior Review

Hive View Outdoor


Hive techniques to outside safety using this smart-looking digital camera


Very easy to install along with a significant application, the Hive View Outdoor gets most things right, but much more control of movement notifications would have been welcome


  • Easy to install
  • movement and noise recognition
  • Clever IFTTT station to control camera tracking


  • No motion recognition areas
  • No thumbnails next to events

Crucial Features

  • Built-in microphone and presenter
  • 130-degree industry of view
  • 1080p sensor
  • IP66 rated
  • IFTTT help

What is the Hive See Outdoorϑ

Hive is continuing its expansion to the wise house with this, its first outside safety digital camera. With comparable apperance into the interior design, the Hive View Outdoor is one of the most appealing digital cameras you can aquire.

It’s an easy task to install, and most competent DIYers should be able to drill the mandatory hole when you look at the wall. Totally free cloud storage space, smart scheduling and a clean-looking software assist to round from the bundle, making the Hive View Outdoor one of the better samples of a patio camera.

Hive View Outdoor – Design and build

The Hive see is just one of the best-looking indoor digital cameras I’ve reviewed, so it’s no real surprise that Hive View Outdoor is amongst the best-looking outside designs. It sports exactly the same cube design (66 x 66 x 66mm) associated with interior model, searching nice yet unobtrusive. Even though the interior design was obtainable in a choice of two colours, the outdoor model comes in white just.

Installation is fairly simple for a backyard camera, but you’ll need to drill a hole within the wall surface to run the power cable through. For a reliable DIYer with an extended sufficient drill little bit, this might be easy adequate to do. Hive provides several synthetic wall plugs that match the hole at either end, giving a neat finish; the ability cable will be explain to you.

Hive see Outdoor wall plug

Inside, there’s a typical USB power adapter. Externally, there’s a magnetic mount that screws on wall. The main benefit of this is certainly so it’s very easy to position the Hive View exterior to point for which you want to buy.

The power cable is guaranteed with a tiny screw, with Hive providing the right-sized screwdriver inside field. This screw helps you to work as extra protection: if someone torn the camera from the wall, the odds are which they’d find yourself filming by themselves.

Hive View exterior cable screw

Hive See Outdoor – Features

Once the digital camera is within place and driven on, it’s configured through Hive application, which can be in addition useful for the Hive Active warming 2 thermostat and Hive Active Lighting. With the camera into the mix, Hive is now a neat smart residence ecosystem.

Setting up the digital camera to Wi-Fi was a trivial affair, with all the camera joining any 2.4GHz 802.11n community (if you’ve got a mesh community, the digital camera will only join the 2.4GHz band).

From Hive app’s homescreen you are able to only touch your digital camera to make the journey to its main screen. The preview doesn’t start immediately, that will be somewhat frustrating, and to see the live feed you need to tap the “Go live” button.

Hive see exterior house display

In addition minor irritation, the software is well-laid down. Under the real time preview tend to be past activities; you can filter all of them by time, making it simpler discover a specific entry. It’s a shame that activities don’t have thumbnails alongside all of them to make it even much easier to discover event you want.

There’s no option to set motion areas, additionally the Hive View Outdoor merely monitors the entire camera frame. You can find several techniques to decrease false positives and suppress the amount of notifications. Initially, you can easily replace the motion sensitiveness. 2nd, you are able to instruct the digital camera to capture only when it places people.

Hive see exterior motion recognition

You obtain one day of no-cost cloud storage, which might be sufficient in the event that you’re around. In the event that you’re away, improving towards 30-day storage space policy for a reasonable £3.99 a month for just one camera is a well-priced option.

All footage could be installed to your smartphone, to save your self valuable research before it’s removed.

Hive in addition has included noise detection to the camera, that will notify you once the see Outdoor hears loud sounds, particularly breaking glass or folks chatting loudly. It is possible to adjust the susceptibility of the detection to reduce the sheer number of alerts you will get.

Hive View Outdoor noise sensitiveness

Scheduling allows you to turn the digital camera off and on immediately, to help you get it just record when you want it to.

At launch, I became told the camera can play noises – particularly a barking puppy – to frighten people down. This particular feature featuresn’t managed to get to the final product, although you can use the live chat function to speak with any person the thing is from the video clip feed.

Activities are very nice, letting you take control of your other Hive products if your camera picks up motion. Like, one of many pre-defined rules will turn on a Hive Active Light when there’s motion and it also’s dark.

Hive View Outdoor – Performance

The Hive see exterior sometimes fire off more alerts than many other outside security camera systems, since there’s no chance to configure movement detection zones. As an alternative, you must very carefully place the digital camera to pay for areas you need, but stop any areas where there might be a lot of movement.

I came across that setting the digital camera to only record people cut down significantly from the wide range of notifications, but for protection (in the event the camera misses people), dialling down the motion sensitiveness is a good choice.

Similarly, out of the field, sound recognition was slightly too energetic for my preference and I also discovered that switching the sensitiveness down decreased how many false notifications.

Hive View Exterior – Movie high quality

Video high quality is decent due to the camera’s 1080p sensor. Through the day, reasonably high-compression smooths out some detail in the image, but you can plainly write out people’s functions.

Hive View Outdoor daylight

At night, the Hive see Outdoor switches to IR mode, which does good job illuminating the region. Much like other digital cameras, IR mode has a tendency to soften out detail, even though you can still spot individuals.

Hive View exterior nighttime

I found that the Nest Cam IQ exterior shot much better video general, but the Hive View Outdoor’s video footage is more than fit for purpose.

Hive View Exterior – IFTTT, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Hive’s IFTTT station is one of the most useful, providing controls to turn the camera on or off. If you have an item for instance the Flic Buttons, you could have a hardware change to turn your camera on when you are away and off once you come back home. That’s a neat means of managing the Hive View Outdoor.

Strangely, the channel offers no Triggers, so that you can’t turn on a light once the digital camera sees movement, for instance.

Although Hive features Amazon Alexa and Bing Assistant abilities, neither currently aids watching footage from camera on a compatible device, such an Amazon Echo Show or Bing Home Hub.

Why choose the Hive View Outdoorϑ

Hive has worked difficult on improving its software and screen – also it shows with the Hive View exterior. An excellent camera that’s very easy to install, the key application does a good task of supplying usage of your taped footage.

It would be good to see Hive add motion recognition areas to advance lessen false positives, though. For similar cost, the Ring Stick Up Cam offers much more control over movement recording and an app that’s slightly simpler to use. You may check-out my various other suggestions in most readily useful security digital camera guide.


Easy to install sufficient reason for a decent software, the Hive see Outdoor gets anything else appropriate, but a little more control of movement alerts would have been welcome.